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Your own Domain | Webspace & Hosting

With our services we enable companies to make a quick start into the digital world. Our digital offerings are based on storage space in the cloud (hosting) with your own domain (such as www.mycompany.com) and corresponding email addresses. This is the cornerstone for a professional appearance.

Your appearance on the Web | Websites & Webshop development

Nowadays, having your own website is essential for any type of business. Customers and partners are always looking for and informing themselves using the Internet as their information source. It is the easiest and at the same time most important way to present yourself professionally. Modern websites must function perfectly on all Internet-capable devices – they must be “responsive”, i.e. they must adapt automatically to all screen sizes. And even with great content and pictures, a website must load quickly, even if the visitor is on the move with his mobile phone.
This also applies to a web shop. Products pages and product images must load fast and shopping must be easy for the visitor. Websites and webshops can also be “intelligent” and display different things depending on the conditions (e.g. time-limited offers, special offers on weekends, different products / prices depending on the visitor, and so on).

For professionals | Web Access Data Based Services

We develop web access to our data based services. For further processing of mobile data, online application interfaces, data dashboards and individual data downloads (e.g. reports, lists, statistics) can be implemented.

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Quick implementation of ideas | Your PopUp Store on the Internet

With dedicated pages within a website you can offer even more customer-oriented services. For this purpose, landing pages that describe a topic (product, event, service, etc.) in a very focused way and, above all, invite the visitor to take action (CTA – call to action) are a good way of doing so.
To achieve an even more individual customer approach, we offer virtual PopUp Stores. This way, thematically or seasonally limited offers can be highlighted (e.g. a PopUp Store only for the Christmas business or a PopUp Store for a temporary product offer). Such sites can even be marketed under their own domain.

More customer loyalty | Location based Services

A website or pop-up store will be more successful the easier it is for the visitor to access it. QR Codes (quick response) or short, easy to understand web links that lead directly to your offers on site are a good way to achieve this. The number of PopUp Stores for local or seasonal offers depends on your offer, they help the interested party to find the right offer immediately. Virtual PopUp Stores are used in contrast to conventional websites only for certain products / services or for a limited period of time, they contain mainly direct ordering or contact details.

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instant ROI – immediate cost savings through digitalisation

Data based Services

Data generated during work processes can be securely collected directly on the spot. With a “unique identifier” (e.g. based on barcode, QR Code or NFC) and a smartphone, employees can be easily and securely integrated into the data collection process. The subsequent processes can then be automatically processed or evaluated based on the data stream.
Thanks to the “unique identifier”, existing analogue processes can be connected directly to the company’s digital processes immediately and without integration complexity. Parallel to the analogue work, a digital version – the Digital Twin – is created immediately.

Capture, Transform, Release

The reliable capture of information directly where it is generated represents the best possible optimisation of processes. With our solutions, e.g. Seal Capture, you do not need any complex integration work or special IT expertise. We offer extensive customisation options for all process stages to create even more individual solutions for your business.
For the capture process, “unique identifiers” can be mixed or combined to enable the capture of even more data.
The transformation allows a secure processing of all available data in the cloud. Data from other sources or databases can as well be merged.
The data transfer can be adapted to different processes or systems and data can be transferred directly and prepared for use in existing IT systems.

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Smartphone App Development

There are requirements that must function independently of an existing data connection or communicate with external hardware. For such requirements we develop IOS and Android smartphone apps – especially for industry, logistics, mobile connectivity, healthcare and LED lighting.

For our data-based services and our capture solutions (e.g. Seal Capture) we offer individual adaptations and extensions. These can of course be combined with our cloud based services (hosting, websites, virtual pop-up stores, private cloud, etc.).

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